Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals

The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals

by: Joe Weatherly
Published by: Joe Weatherly
ISBN 0-9710314-1-X

Found this Gem at Comicon 2006 , walking around
we saw Weatherly´s booth and he was there selling his book,
we flipped through it and it was a very impressive experience.

Page after page i was just getting more convinced at how great this book is,
for all folks wanting to start drawing creatures, and animals,
I have to say, you must buy this book.

Is 165 pages all black and white, and it doesn´t have much of that
filler material you usually see in educational books,
instead it´s contents are filled with clear very well drawn
mini lectures on animal drawing, from life sketches to
analytical and anatomical linework.

In this preview you can see the analitical mass structure and the
drawing or next phase that should follow, and this book has tons of these examples.

After the convention I would spend a lot of time on each page
drawing the sketches over and over, and i would use a blue pencil
to draw measuring lines on top of book pages,
it felt like being in a drawing workshop .

If you read all the book and come back at it
and understand and practice from it
you will be competent in drawing animals.

From there is all up to you on the style and accuracy,
but this book is an eye opener even for people that already draw animals.

Link to Joe Weatherly website,
with more artwork and link to where to buy his book:

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Saturnino Herrán

Saturnino Herrán

Published by Fondo Editorial de la plastica Mexicana
ISBN 968-6658-09-2

A great book containing Paintings, and sketches as well as unfinished work from the Mexican Painter, around 142 pages with both color and B&W.
I gotta say i was surprised when i flipped through the book, i knew about him but this was like one of those treasure hunt rewards.

His work is mostly figures and the technique in which he describes volume is so good, most of models have a dark outline and the values get lighter as the forms bump towards the viewer, something like a front lighting technique which is used in a very pleasing way.

Here is a sample of one of the drawings on the book.

The book is also big and it makes me feel guilty to open it and do some studies since it may get scratched, the photographs of his work are alright not great and makes it all look veige or dull, havent seen his work on a museum so maybe thats the true nature of it, anyway it has amazing full page reproductions and the book is around 30 cm tall.

I love the book and i can´t remember exactly how much i paid (it wasn´t cheap) at the bookstore in Mexico but i would do it again.

Amazon review with not the actual cover (actual cover posted above)

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