Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Human Figure, John H. Vanderpoel

The Human Figure, John H. Vanderpoel, Life Drawing for Artists

By: John H. Vanderpoel
Published by:Dover Publications, Inc.
ISBN 0-486-20432-4

So you are studying the human figure 
and everyone told you to check Loomis, and Bridgeman. 
But after that, what's next? i mean Hogarth is great 
but Vanderpoel should be your next read!
This book should be easy to find, got mine at Legacy Books in Dallas, 
and the price is great for all the awesomeness you get.
Sketch every plate of this book and you will have a better 
understanding of the human form,
is a great complement for life drawing also, 
and also have a couple of pages that make you go, oh i get it now, 
can't say much about the text since i just focus on the drawings, 
and they are all great.

the book is small in size and very portable and it will not fall apart, 
so keep it around. 
If you want to learn each muscle and name, this is not your book, 
this is all about form, planes and analysis.

I specially like the face feature content 
and the beautiful portraits and figures that appear 
from page to page, truly inspiring.

Get this one!